Statelight Jewellery

"To connect people to their most cherished memories." With a Statelight Locket, people can place memories close to their hearts. It is as unique as the person who wears them. With charms and crystals that hold meaning and love, every locket creation tells a story – life’s happy moments, a poignant time of remembrance, or as a thoughtful gift to touch someone's heart.

Davy Young's -  'Leaves with Memories'

​​Passion turned a hobby into a masterful craft. Davy Young, at a youthful 69 years of age, handcrafts these intricate ceramic artworks in his home studio. Each art piece is made from an actual leaf, making every single piece, one of a kind.


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Hush Candle products are 100% natural, using essential oils carefully sourced from different parts of the world to obtain the best possible scent and quality.